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Returns & Replacements


At Little Experimenter, customer satisfaction is the first priority and we strive for only happy customers and smiling children! If for any reason you are not completely pleased with your purchase and would wish to return your item, Little Experimenter offers a 30 day return policy (from the purchase date) with money back guaranteed. However, please be informed that if your item is not defective and the items packaging has been tampered with, a restocking fee will apply.

Repairs & Replacements:

Did your item stop working, broke or is malfunctioning? Don’t worry, Little Experimenter has got you covered! With our 90 day repair/replacement policy we offer to repair your item to a condition that is as good as new or replace the item for you, all at free of charge. If it has passed our 90 day repair/replacement policy, rest assured, Little Experimenter still has you covered. We will surely repair your item with just one condition, you taking the responsibility of the shipping cost. Lastly, please understand that if your item was purchased over a year ago and you would like to get it repaired, there will be a repair charge of $8.00 along with the shipping at your own cost.

We value our customers and always look forward on your input on any modifications we can do. Our Motto: Safety, Quality & Customer Satisfaction – First Priority!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any concern,